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A digital platform that collects data on how physicians treat patients, analyzes trends, and develops evidence-based articles for the medical community.


QURE Healthcare’s mission is to improve the quality of healthcare, lower costs, and standardize practices worldwide by measuring and improving physicians’ clinical decision making. QURE’s Clinical Performance and Value (CPV®) vignettes objectively assess physicians’ adherence to clinical guidelines and best practices. The CPVs simulate a patient-provider experience – from taking a patient’s history, through testing, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations.

CPV simulations enable QURE’s clients (generally health systems) to improve care consistency  through the data insights and engagement across the network. After scoring physician CPV results and delivering feedback to the clinicians, QURE compiles action items that their clients can implement to better serve their community. QURE tracks improvements within their clients’ organizations by serially measuring clinical performance with the CPVs and by tracking improvements in actual patient-level data – therefore revealing the effectiveness of their changes.

The Problem

QURE recognized a need to improve their CPV vignettes to more realistically simulate a physician’s interaction and make the process more fun for participants, to generate higher quality data and keep physicians more engaged in the process. Rather than a “test-taking” experience, QURE wanted to mimic how physicians ask medical history questions, order tests, prescribe medications, and diagnose issues.

The Approach

Exygy collaborated with QURE’s team to initiate a Product Discovery phase. Within two weeks, we completed a comparative audit of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) in order to understand how physicians currently document and read patient data in a digital format. We also conducted baseline user research on QURE’s existing CPV® vignettes website. These steps allowed us to build a prototype that supported a more informative, standard display of patient information for doctors.

With the insights and benchmarks from the Discovery phase in hand, our team moved on to the Design phase. The Design phase started with a Design Sprint, which we curated to best meet the needs of the QURE team and their product. We began by mapping a healthcare provider’s journey through QURE’s vignettes. This process allowed all those involved in improving the vignettes to experience the website through the perspective of the end-user, which steered future design decisions. From our observations of providers’ pain points, we shifted our attention to ideating on opportunities to improve.

Design Variations

We explored 3 alternate design directions based on factors that we had identified were important to QURE clients and to users.

health product Exygy
Option 1: A dashboard-like variation that is similar to EMRs, which doctors are accustomed to, and that allows seeing all steps of the vignette at a glance.

Wireframe of Qure CPV
Option 2: An anchored, continuously scrolling page that tracks progress through sections in a sidebar. The sidebar creates a sense of continuity.

Wireframe of Qure CPV
Option 3: A tabbed sidebar variation that breaks up the content into logical domains

This led to creating hi-fidelity, clickable prototypes that underwent user tests. By putting these prototypes in front of users, we were able to quickly and efficiently validate the changes we crafted. After testing, Exygy’s software engineering team as well as our technical partners at Evolving Web built and launched QURE’s new app. We were also able to refactor the app’s technical architecture, which scales QURE’s capacity for more physicians, hospitals, and provider groups to use the platform at once.


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As QURE’s vignettes are shared throughout the medical community, they are able to collect important data around how physicians treat patients under certain conditions. Their team is able to analyze trends in the data, and develop insightful articles to share back with the medical community, reflecting on what their data reveals. Through publishing that information, QURE brings a perspective to the community based in real data, that might otherwise go un-researched.


Exygy has been a strategic technical partner to QURE for years. They have not only developed and supported our product, they have integrated with our customers and partners. Some of the most valuable work Exygy has done for us has been strategic. Their innovation process, combined with their understanding of healthcare and software has helped us understand and prioritize our technical roadmap, guiding us to understand better what our customers and users want/need so we can build a better product.

— Trever Burgon MD, Vice President

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