Strategic product Management

Exygy’s Strategic Product Management

As Product Managers, we have the responsibility to strategically lead each engagement and collaboratively craft solutions that will create a positive impact in our communities. 

Our Product Team has a refined approach to inspire product vision and scope feature functionality that validates hypotheses. We take inspiration from the organizations we work with to deeply understand their impact area and orient to the problems they work to solve. While many complex problems cannot be solved with technology alone, we are passionate about understanding what can.

As Strategic Thought Partners, we help you navigate the complexities of your organization’s goals. We are committed to prioritizing the highest-value work and sequencing deliverables to meet your organizational milestones.

Not sure where to start? We have developed four tried and true approaches as a baseline:

Minimum Viable Product
Iterative Agile Development

A glimpse into Exygy's Product Management retreat where our PMs gathered to share learnings, connect in person, and brainstorm ways to optimize our product delivery for client success.  

As strategic thought partners for impactful organizations, we understand how important it is to choose the right partner. Here are a few reasons out clients like working with us:

We take on large, complex problems that we believe have a great opportunity for impact:

We balance the needs of our clients and their target users to outline scalable solutions:

We prioritize partnership and are committed to building what our clients really need:

How we have brought some of these principles to life in our projects:

CROP: Product Vision Workshop

When working with CROP, we became so inspired by the impact they are creating in the reentry space. We designed a custom workshop with them to unpack their organization goals and strategically map those goals to a delivery roadmap. This allowed us to map dollars spent to real value creation to further their mission.

Case Study

Rosalynn Carter Institute: Product Audit

When we started working with RCI, we launched a Product Audit to understand their current offerings, challenges, and their product vision for the future. We formed a product-based hypothesis, collected data from users, and made recommendations that informed their RFP.

Case Study

Housing Readiness Report: Data Visualization

When scoping the Bay Area Housing Readiness Report, we realized the complexities of this valuable data and created a custom solution to support the story that needed to be told.

Case Study

In Conclusion

Product Managers at Exygy are strategic collaboration partners from the start of your engagement. We understand the complexities of creating value with digital solutions in the impact space and we are excited to customize an approach to support your organization’s needs. Interested in talking more about Strategic Product Management with the Exygy team?

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