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Exygy hires people who not only want to make communities stronger, but who are constantly striving to become a better version of themselves. Our team is dedicated to our own learning and growth, so that we can be the best technologists and advocates for our clients and larger community.

Our remote team is made up of product strategists, designers, engineers, and operations leaders. We’re always looking for talented, driven folks who can help take our impact to the next level.
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Eager to use your superpowers to help build healthy and resilient communities? Join us.

A culture we believe in

Our people are our greatest strength. That’s why we’re committed to building a culture that values and celebrates diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences. Here’s how we walk the talk:
Learn and Grow

We are committed to challenging ourselves, evolving our strengths, and advocating for others to pursue the work that lights them up.

Sijia Yan

Senior Product Designer

Pursuit of Excellence

Our team supports each other in going the extra mile! We continuously push ourselves to deliver products that are more tailored, impactful, and delightful with each iteration.

Sean Albert

Lead Engineer

Lean into Fear

Vulnerability is our greatest super power. We say the things that need to be said, even when they are uncomfortable, in order to meet challenges with courage and curiosity.

Wendy Fong

Lead Designer

Spirit of Generosity

We believe every person is trying their best. When mistakes, conflicts, and misunderstandings arise, we seek first to understand and then to be understood.

Anna Gibbons

Growth Manager

Embrace the Whole Person

We are all real people with needs, desires, and lives outside of work. Exygy is a respectful, supportive, and meaningful space for people from all backgrounds to learn from each other, play together, and share our stories.

Eric Lam


Feels like

Find your work-life balance. We’re dedicated to making sure our team has everything they need to be healthy, travel often, learn new skills, and have financial resources and support.