Justice Reform

Advancing Justice Reform From Pre-trial To Re-entry

Exygy is committed to bringing modern technology to an outdated, harmful criminal justice system and supporting community-based reentry models. Thoughtfully designed and built digital tools have the power to remove bias, promote justice, and reduce recidivism within the country that has the highest incarceration rate in the world.

Bringing Empathy, Dignity, and Compassion to Justice Reform

We have the privilege to partner with organizations that are transforming the criminal justice system to be human-centered and evidence-based. From navigating self-help resources to pretrial justice to supportive reentry, we are dedicated to affirming the humanity of people who are justice-involved, and breaking down the structures that over-criminalize the poor and people of color.

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How We Work

Over the last two decades, we have refined our approach to designing and building products that move the needle on some of the world's most complex challenges.

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Strategic Product Management
Strategic Product Management

We partner with you to understand your organizational and stakeholder goals, needs, and challenges. This foundational work allows us to create a robust roadmap delivery plans to bring them to life. At every step of the way, we provide support, weekly progress reports, and opportunities for reviews.

Our Team Will Seek To:

  • Understand you and your stakeholders’ needs, goals, and challenges
  • Create roadmaps that bring the delivery process to life
  • Support every step of the way with progress reports and weekly syncs
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Thoughtful Design
Thoughtful Design

The design team at Exygy started imagining a design process that uses human-centered design as a foundation, but borrows elements and activities from other design processes, such as Equity-centered Design, Inclusive Design, and Trauma-informed Design to better serve the needs of the populations we design for.
We call it Thoughtful Design. And we are so excited to bring it to your project.

4 Principles of Thoughtful Design:

  • Recognize exclusion 
  • Focus on the Margins
  • Co-create with people who have lived experience
  • Design for users’ cognitive and emotional states
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Tailored Technical Solutions
Tailored Technical Solutions

We always focus on first understanding your tech needs and constraints so that we can deliver high-quality, stable, and scalable code that best fits the needs of your organization. We can do this because we are tech-agnostic and have expertise in multiple tech stacks and digital solutions.

Engineers at Exygy Are:

  • Fluent in multiple tech stacks & tech agnostic
  • Keenly focus on your technological constraints 
  • Are committed to high quality, stable, and scalable code
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“Deciding to work with Exygy was an easy decision. After vetting several companies, we quickly recognized the Exygy team was best suited to meet CROP’s data technology needs. They listened intentionally, captured our vision, and began to prioritize our timeline. Throughout the discovery phase, they helped us understand complex technology terms so we could communicate exactly what our end product would look like. We couldn’t be more grateful to work with a more attentive team of software experts!”

— Terah Lawyer-Harper, Executive Director, CROP Organization

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