Tailored Techinal Solutions

Exygy’s Tailored Technical Solutions

Exygy’s engineering team delivers solutions that meet the needs of the communities you serve. We do this by working hand-in-hand with our product and design teams. From discovery through design delivery, we  gain understanding, provide feedback, test our assumptions, and iteratively build accessible, reliable and engaging products.

Our skilled engineering team delivers products that range from fully custom to implementing out-of-the-box tools as part of your workflow. We are adept at integrating 3rd party services, from CRMs like Salesforce and Monday, CMSs like WordPress and Contentful, Data APIs like California’s Open Data Portal, and generative AI solutions like ChatGPT and Google Gemini.

When residents are looking for support, we want to make sure that they find it. We can best do this by ensuring that the products we build are available when they need it.

Our Engineering Principles

Focus on Understanding
Implement Expertise
Maintain Curiosity
Deliver high-quality, accessible, stable, and scalable code

How might we create tailored technical solutions that best serve communities most underserved?

Activities & Services:

Web Accessibility

System Design

Frontend Development

Technical Audit

The wider Exygy team gathering for moments of virtual connection. It's always a treat to gather with everyone!

Our Process

Exygy’s engineering values collaboration, iterative development and accountability. Our processes ensure your team’s expectations and ours are aligned at each step. To better illustrate our processes, here are the standard processes we follow for feature delivery:


The Product team creates a PRD (product requirement document), which outlines a feature's functional requirements. This document serves as the source of truth for our team on how a feature functions. The engineering and design teams review the PRD, ask clarifying questions, and provide feedback until there is a clear understanding of the feature before moving forward.

Prototype & Design

Next, the engineering team may create prototypes while the Design team produces wireframes and design mocks. Once the design artifacts are ready, the engineering team reviews them, again asks clarifying questions and provides feedback on feasibility. This iteration continues until the design is ready to present to your team.

Once the PRD and designs are ready, the engineering team will create technical design documentation that specifies the technical solution. In the technical design’s detailed proposal, we cover considerations including, but not limited to:

Once technical designs are approved by members of the engineering team, development issues are then created, prioritized, and added to the development backlog.


When an engineer is assigned an issue, they first ensure they understand the task before coding the solution. Once the initial round of coding is complete the following steps occur:

In Conclusion

These principles, activities and processes, brought together with our team’s knowledge, experience and empathy, guide us in our practice. What is possible with software is constantly evolving, especially with the growing applications of generative AI, and so we remain curious and make space for research and development of our practices. We enjoy co-creating solutions and would love to hear what problems you are trying to solve and how we may together bring a positive change to your community.

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