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Rocky Fine

Senior Full Stack Engineer
Reader. Motorcyclist. Coder for good.

Before becoming a software engineer in 2018, Rocky worked in social work and education for almost 10 years, mostly working with young people and their families to address micro and macro barriers to education. They are thrilled to be joining Exygy in a role that allows them to apply their coding skills to work they are passionate about. Rocky holds a Bachelors degree from Oberlin College and a Masters in Social Work from Hunter College with a concentration in Community Organizing. They learned to code at the Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy in New York.

Outside of work, Rocky loves checking out way too many books from the library, attempting to grow food in their tiny backyard, and going out for fancy cocktails. They live in Oakland, CA with their partner, dog, cat, two motorcycles, and many plants.