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Hannah Rachael Smith

Senior Account Manager
Adventurous. Busy bee. Social butterfly. Housing for all advocate.

Hannah is passionate about building prosporous and happy communities and using technology and design to create access, equity and opportunity for everyone. She is committed to building strong, happy communities and unblocking historic barriers by finding where business meets humanity to create real positive impact. She has almost a decade of experience in sales, business development and strategic partnerships with a keen focus on housing and social issues. Hannah's commitment to using technology to create opportunities and equitable practices is evident in the work she's dedicated herself to. She believes that technology can be an incredibly powerful force for good when handled thoughtfully and responsibly.

When Hannah isn't working you probably can't find her because she's somewhere without cell reception or her phone is off - she loves going on adventures in nature with her dog and bff, Mariah. When she finally decides to stay in one place you can find her baking, reading or watching scary movies.