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Ethan Elisara

Growth Associate II
Logophile. Typophile.

As a Growth Associate, Ethan is passionate about connecting with Exygy’s network of partners, supporters, and friends in authentic and meaningful ways. He is continuing to seek ways in which his transnational (U.S., New Zealand) and bi-racial identities can uniquely inform his work in the social impact space and advocating for underserved communities.

Born and raised in a small mountain town east of San Diego, Ethan also grew up with a deep love of the outdoors, environmental protection, and developing a sense of place. When he can’t be reached on Slack, Ethan can be found reading books about New Urbanism, chasing surf, plating meals in delightful artistic ways, and shooting Super 8. 

Ethan graduated from Westmont College with a B.A. in Business and Economics and a minor in Studio Art.