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Emily Edwards

Product Manager II
Adventurer. Mistake-embracer. Hype woman.

Emily joins Exygy after nearly a decade in social finance and impact investing where she built products for startups and venture capital investors alike. She is passionate about finding efficient, scalable ways to solve social and environmental problems through public-private partnerships, innovative research, and accessible product builds. Prior to Exygy, Emily built and managed tools for early-stage entrepreneurs who are historically disconnected from traditional VC. She has also created multiple impact frameworks to help organizations - traditional, nonprofit, and governmental alike - better improve and communicate their theory of change. She holds a duel-degree in International Relations and Economics from American University in Washington, DC and a Product Management certificate from the Product School.

Catch her in her self-converted Ford Transit that she has been living in full-time since 2021; your best bet would be to check in National Parks and public lands to find her