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Emilie Jensen

Senior Product Designer
Observer. Collaborator. Fragrance Enthusiast.

With a background in both science and design, Emilie orchestrates a harmonious union between data-driven research methodologies and empathetic user-centered practices. She believes that by borrowing some of the rigor of the scientific method while also applying design thinking’s focus on the human experience, we can push beyond convention to find actionable, unexpected solutions.

Growing up in a remote part of Oregon has inspired Emilie's commitment to the expansion of global sustainability practices. She is motivated by the power of community and is always curious to learn more about how our environments are represented, viewed and experienced through different lenses. Given these principles, she gravitates towards projects and design challenges that prioritize and promote sustainable, equitable and just systems. At Exygy, she engages in collaborative design processes to help maintain and expand Bloom Housing's design system.

When she isn't designing, you can find Emilie cuddled up with her cats reading a book, thrifting animal patterned button-ups, snapping photos of microfauna, or experimenting with new fragrances. Emilie holds a BA in Biology from Willamette University and an MFA in Collaborative Design from Pacific Northwest College of Art.