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Elle Gover

Senior Product Designer Researcher
Sensitive and Absurd. Play Hard, Rest Harder. Former Baby.

After graduating from college with degrees in English Literature (reading books then talking about them) and Film (watching movies then talking about them), Elle spent several years exploring interests in publishing, book arts, writing, local food economies, and community radio. They eventually routed into design & research through a software apprenticeship, finding that one common thread in their interests is an endless curiosity in the lived experience. Elle has led design research for many clients in the B2c, B2b, and non-profit spaces over the past five years. They're committed to local community tech and increasing access to opportunities and stability for underserved communities, and hold an earnest belief that healthy partnerships lead to equitable futures. Now, Elle incorporates all of these experiences into their work as a product designer and researcher for Bloom Housing.

In addition to working on Bloom, Elle does other things, including regenerating and building on their 11-acre rural property, writing a newsletter, composing piano ditties, cooking, biking around, investing in friendships, and resting.