A modern system that helps people learn about, apply for, and gain access to affordable housing

A single entry point for affordable housing seekers
Common digital application process across affordable housing properties
Build equity, trust, and transparency in the placement process
Save time and resources on processing paper applications
Bloom Housing is the one-stop shop for affordable housing seekers, developers, and property managers. In less than 10 minutes, affordable housing seekers can use Bloom Housing to apply for housing — a quick, engaging, and effective process to increase access to affordable housing.

Bloom Housing was created from the DAHLIA project in partnership with the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development, San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation, and by Google, via the Civic Bridge program.

Bloom Housing is built on a fully adoptable and adaptable open-source code base, hosted in Github. This encourages accountability, sustainability, and collaboration to ease the affordable housing process across every community. Bloom Housing works in partnership with BAHFA, MTC, and Google.org to create a regional system for affordable housing in the nine-country Bay Area.

Bloom Housing is used by the Bay Area Doorway collaboration which includes all the investment partners listed above, as well as Enterprise Community Partners, MTC, the City of Oakland, and other Bay Area regional partners.

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"Open-source platforms like Bloom Housing facilitate collaboration between governments to develop world-class, human-centered software that serves our most underserved communities. Bloom Housing's role in increasing access to affordable housing is a great example of ways design and technology can help improve lives."  

- Zach Berke
 Founder & CEO at Exygy

Bloom Housing Report

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