November 9, 2020

Today We Celebrate, Tomorrow We Work

After five days of manic speculation and browser refreshing, love, justice and compassion won – by razor-thin margins.

Hi friends,

This weekend our country witnessed one of the most contentious and monumental Presidential Elections of our time. In the end, after five days of manic speculation and browser refreshing, love, justice, and compassion won – by razor-thin margins. The Biden-Harris campaign called for the restoration of the “soul of this country,” and although they are now elected, we must not forget that the soul of the country cannot be restored through one election victory, but through real, consistent work done by all of us.

The Exygy team celebrated together this morning. We know all too well, however, that now we carry an even greater responsibility to hold the new administration accountable. We believe that design and technology can help improve lives – not further divide our country, separate families, incite hatred or undermine science. Our communities are in pain and it is on all of us to do our part in healing, restoring, and putting our words into action at every intersection of our lives, including at work.

That’s why in 2020, Exygy invested over $60,000 in pro bono hours to help housing caseworkers transition to remote work during COVID-19. We gave $300 to each of our employees to donate to organizations supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and we’re committed to ramp up our efforts in 2021. We believe in building partnerships that are not measured by dollar signs because we know our most vulnerable communities are often underserved; grassroots organizations are often underfunded, and those we serve are underrepresented at the tables where decisions are made.

Join us in working to create technology that serves the greater good of this country. We’ve got lots of work ahead of us, and we’re excited to bring you along.

In Solidarity,

Team Exygy

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Ivy Teng Lei
VP of Growth

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