December 14, 2022

2022 Impact at Exygy: A Grateful Reflection

A look back on Exygy's year of impact, collaboration, and growth in 2022!

Since 2007, Exygy has championed the use of technology for making a social impact. As a certified B-Corp and small (yet mighty) business, our goal has always been to partner with leaders, organizations, and communities to use design and technology that improves lives. 

As we close out 2022, we recognize that creating change in our communities over the past fifteen years is the direct result of many meaningful collaborations. There are heaps of gratitude to be served to all those we’ve worked with this year: our brilliant partner organizations, hardworking and trusting clients, innovative co-designers, talented contractors, thoughtful panelists, dedicated advocates, engaged community members, social media engagers and reposters, website perusers, webinar attendees, newsletter readers, and all other Exygy supporters! 

So thank you for making 2022 a year of collaborative imagination and intentional work. A year of continually designing and creating technology to serve communities who are too often pushed to the margins. A year of amplifying underrepresented voices. A year of acknowledging and inviting the ‘whole person’ — our whole selves — to Zoom calls, conference rooms, and huddles, while in the 3rd year of a pandemic. A year of designing with the beautiful and complex communities we represent and serve. A year of harnessing best practices and immense growth as a team. In other words: a year of creating more impact! Read on for the good stuff.

2022 Impact Highlights

Join us in looking back on this historic year for Exygy!

Expanded impact areas: We have had the privilege of working in low-income housing, homelessness, criminal justice re-entry, healthcare, gender equity, mental health, the investment gap, web accessibility, housing production, housing legislation, health equity, and economic justice! Looking forward, we are excited about expanding into the climate crisis and resilience space, while continuing to deepen our work in our current impact areas. 

A BIG year for Bloom Housing: Bloom Housing expanded nationally this year! In partnership with, we created and launched Detroit Home Connect which is a huge step for Bloom Housing as it continues to open doors to help solve the national housing crisis. 

New & long term partnerships: We worked with 12 incredible new client organizations this year, and continued working with 16 of our existing clients. From creating the Housing Readiness Report advocacy tool with the Partnership for the Bay’s Future (a new partnership!), to celebrating our 10th year with QURE Healthcare while creating an upgraded custom patient simulation tool that assesses healthcare clinical practices for their scaling QualityIQ product, we are immensely grateful for the incredible teams we get to work with year after year. 

Historic team growth for Exygy: The onset of more impactful projects sparked transformational growth for our mighty team! We’ve had the pleasure of welcoming 16 new faces this year. A few highlights: creating new roles (establishing a People Ops team, a Business Ops Manager, and welcoming new folks who are dedicated to big, multi-year projects), building our in-house engineering team to a record number (7 and counting!), and, plot twist: Zach moved to Hungary (Exygy goes international!). Many games of Fishbowl were played to welcome each other, as we are now a proud team of 30! PS: we’re still growing — consider joining us!

Expanded services: In the last year, we have expanded our service offerings. By partnering with SFF and PBF to host community trainings, we have initiated Growth as a Service as our newest offering — connecting the products we design and build with the communities they’re intended to serve. We also continued to refine our other services so that we can continue to deliver high-quality work, quicker, and for more people.  

A clear focus on accessibility: We are constantly working to expand how we can invite the whole person and center humanity in our design work. This year, we have doubled down on designing for accessibility. We have created new internal structures, designed accessibility-forward systems, strengthened partnerships, and learned a lot about how we can continue to create more inclusive designs. Learn more about our accessibility commitment and work

More touch points with our community: While in 2023 we continued to leverage webinars to reach broad and diverse audiences, it was also a much needed year of in-person connection. For the first time since the pandemic, we gathered in SF for a powerful panel with CROP and SPUR on economic justice. We met with clients in-person in the Bay Area, Detroit, and beyond. The Exygy team also retreated in Pennsylvania where our main focus was to connect — many of us for the first time — as 3D humans. We cannot be more thrilled to do more of this in 2023!

Wishing you health and rest as we welcome the new year,

Team Exygy

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